Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Jewish Kingdom of Kush: Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jewish) history- Docu...

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  1. You are on the right track in trying to reclaim your history, but the Beta Israel or "Kailah" were originally from the part of Kush in the Yaman where the Jews are still called Habbaniyyah and yes they are from the tribe of Dan otherwise known as Bahila (Bilha). Kush is still the name of the Hudeidah (Hittite) region there in the Yemen. You have to keep in mind Arabia is the region the Greeks called ancient Africa east of the Nile and Kush or Sudan was an ancient reference to southern Arabia Tihama for thousands of years as much as it was to Nubia. Habashat were an ancient Arabian tribe as well. The book of Isaiah thus dates from the time after these AfroAsiatics Kaila fled from the Yemen and settled back in Africa in Abyssinia (Habesha). The area of Yemen around Hodeidah is still called Kush by the tribe of Amran there. See AfroAsiatics "Canaanites in the Land" and King Solomon's miners" and "Fear of Blackness". The Nubian part of Kush has little to do with the Kush of Zerah and the Old Testament. That Kush of the King was also known as Kushan or Jokshan.