Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eritrea: Foreign Journalists Express Deep Impression With Peaceful Co-Existence of PeopleallAfrica.com

Asmara — Germany and Kenyan journalists who arrived here to participate in the 20th anniversary of Independence Day expressed deep impression with the colorful celebrations and the peaceful co-existence of the Eritrean people.

The German journalist, Dr. Werner Zeppenfeld, stated that the fact that a number of Eritrean citizens residing abroad arrived in the Homeland to participate in the Independence Day celebrations attests to the existing strong bond between the people and the leadership, in addition to the strong attachment to the nation.

He further explained that he has visited over 30 countries in Africa, but nowhere matches to the prevailing peace and security in Eritrea. Dr. Werner expressed desire to visit other parts of the country and that he would produce a program on the German media focusing on Eritrea's 20-year journey of independence, as well as the peace and security he experienced.

Likewise, Kenyan journalist, Mr. Jeff Koinange, who works at K-24 TV Station, stated that his visit to Eritrea is for the first time, and that he found out Eritrea to be quite unique compared to 46 other African countries that he has visited. He further noted that the development accomplishments the nation registered in a short period, coupled with the prevailing peace and stability could be cited as an example.

Moreover, Mr. Jeff Koinange stated that he is highly impressed with the colorful Independence Day celebrations, and that he came to understand that Eritreans have a strong sense of nationalism, besides being hospitable. The Kenyan journalist went on to say that he would broadcast his observations about Eritrea in the K-24 TV Station.

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