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Corporate Raiders of the Lost Ark of The Covenant--Epiphany for 2012, page 1

Religion, in the old times, was once composed of mysteries of Mother Nature that are no longer mysteries as to how these matters worked due to modern sciences, yet the words of these old times require clarification into modern understanding and wording. In 2012, there comes enough knowledge and association to begin an epiphany for modern words that represent the old language symbolisms of a primitive people. In the old times, there were not many known elements beyond Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. They understood Bronze, Tin, Copper, Iron, and Lead as metals, and gold and silver for money, but not much more.

Some of the matters from the times of Moses and his Ark of the Covenant have been found due to modern sciences. The Bible tells everyone that the special Mountain was in Saudi Arabia near the town of Midian. Certainly this Mountain still remains today, along with the site of the Red Sea Crossing still defined by geology and German researchers. In the times of Solomon there were stone markers on each side of this Red Sea Crossing and US persons, like Ron Wyatt, found one old marker. What became clear is this region is geologically part of the East Africa Rift Zone's Northern reach. The Red Sea Cross has a fault zone under the sands that rose to make it appear the waters parted and allowed the Exodus of the Hebrew from Egypt. The site they close to camp for an extended period had another special geological feature were the Rift Zone intersected an oil dome deposit and the heating effects vented out the top of Moses Mtn of Fire that stayed on fire for some 40 years. These are artifacts of Nature these people followed and worshiped.

The Bible stories speak to many of these "Nature" events along this Rift Zone and another is the story for Sodom and Gomorrah along the edge of the Dead Sea. Here similar rift and volcanic related events sank these cities beneath water and beneath Basalt formations. As they were consumed by Nature's effects these city's water was affected with fluoride from the heating and basalt fluoride loaded emissions. These peoples that stayed and consumed this areas well water were poisoned with fluoride and toxic metals. The fluoride caused various problems that resulted in bone accumulation of calcium and the appearance of turning to stone after their flesh decayed away.

In latter times, the area of Sodom and Gomorrah came to be the home for the Essene Monastery at Qumran, where they became the source of the Dead Sea Scrolls and they used wells that still would involve fluoride loaded basalt that would make their water less than good for long term consumption and they would experience the effects of Pre-Skeletal Fluorosis. John The Baptist was the famous person that grew up with the Qumran area for this Essene Camp, but there were two other areas of prime interest for the Essene. The other two were the Essene Quarter of Jerusalem and the Northern Essene Temple region at Mount Carmel. The Northern Essene became noted for their knowledge of nature and the ways for the healing of people's bad health. They became healers of the sick. In these times, Jesus became known as a person that would heal the blind man to see as he sat beside a well. This was more a figurative story of what happened than a literal one.

In these times, John The Baptist became highly fascinated with the waters of the Jordan River above the Dead Sea, and these waters did indeed have a specialness from nature in that they had high content of Boron minerals. Boron has been found to be able to remove fluoride from the body and make persons so exposed to Boron minerals via the food and water there to have less chronic health damage due to fluoride from the Rift Zone effects further South of the Jordan. In terms of healing peoples, these wells and springs of Boron water in this region around Mt. Carmel and the soils loaded with Boron minerals enable the Essene to become healers of ill heath. There were good and healing waters around Mt. Carmel and there were bad and waters from hell further South around Sodom and Gomorrah and the Rift Zone areas. In the words of John the Baptist, who was so into these healing waters, he would be telling people that God saved them from Deaths similar to Sodom.

So, when Jesus helped the blind man sitting beside the well to be healed he was explaining the issues of the healing water areas vs the areas of poison water effects or Boron Vs Fluoride effects, yet they could not speak in these elemental terms they did not know in this period. The expressions of these times were simple, but they presented issues they witnessed in nature. In these times to burn in the fires of hell forever would be linked to the Rift Zone's volcanic effects liberating toxic fluoride gases that caused long term illness and debilitation. They also knew the heating of certain rocks made an extremely toxic gas emission that could be used for an unusual form of war. In the Exodus one of the tricks to affect the First Born, or the newest born, of the Egyptians could well have been fluoride minerals on charcoal used to emit hydrogen fluoride toxic gas emissions that will hover low and make a toxic fog that would most affect the youngest children of the Egyptians and we know today that young children are easily killed with low level fluoride toxic effects.

So, part of the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant involved these secrets of volcanic emissions to make toxic gases to wage a mysterious war against the Egyptians to seek their Freedom. One of the problems is the secrets of the Covenant appeared to have been shared in later times as the way the Romans waged war on walled cities was to make small holes in the walls and build a hot fire with hot coals and toss in fluoride minerals and cover this area up so the vapors flowed into the Walled City. These toxic vapor effects of the fluoride gas would hover low to the ground and slowly poison the City, so they'd open their gates and welcome the Romans Control. These were the special secrets of Moses and the Ark, and they were compromised perhaps from the Babylon Captivity.

The Hebrew of the Babylon captivity became corrupted with the religion of Nimrod and Nebuchadnezzar, and they shifted from the teachings of Moses into what was called the Harlot of Babylon's Mystery Schools teachings. The Second Temple would be one that valued the Babylon Talmud's methods of usury and economic control over those of the teachings of the natural order that Moses found in the Rift Zone as he lived in exile in Midian. The Second Temples models were those of the Stone of Hammarabbi laws, and the simpler pattern of Moses was a redacted 10 law version of these old laws from Babylon. The Essene believed in the uncorrupted teachings from Moses and what they considered to be the Pious teachings of nature and God. Because of this, the Essene in Jerusalem only respected the old ways and they were the guardians for the Tomb of David and they didn't like or have anything to do with the Second Temples ways or the Pharisee or Sadducee.

As corporate empire values took over the truths of religion, most of these old associations that were the inner secrets for Moses and the Essenes left sight for being taught or remembered. The Essene were much too socialist for most corporation methods and the games for Empire and Imperialism. So, even after Jesus died the Roman Church kept support for the Roman Empire foremost and the stories of Jesus and the Essene became lost. The secrets of the Ark were part methods for making ancient batteries like that of the Baghdad Battery and the special chemical effects of fluoride minerals and heat. These mineral could even be made to produce these toxic materials with electric currents and acids added to the fluoride minerals.

In the Movie called the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" the theme is the NAZIs after the secrets of the Ark and "Indiana Jones" an archeologist after the same secrets. In many fashions this came true as the NAZIs were the first to perfect the science of fluorine chemistry. They used the toxic effects of fluorine with modern chemistry to make nerve gases and used the low level effects of fluoride in water to control the will of the masses they exposed to the toxic effects. So, in many ways this Movie was partly made from the knowledge of what Moses had found and valued as the inner secrets of the Ark of the Covenant. It was a secret so powerful as to be able to lord over the minds of men and make some kings and other serfs. It was to be kept secret to keep its sinister power only to be used for Freedom and higher values for mankind. It was never intended to be used to lord over others and become the elements prescribed as the Beast. Unfortunately, the NAZIs did capture the secret of the Ark of the Covenant and used the sinister power to their advantage to usher in the Corporate world and NWO efforts that we see today.

Where this leaves us is with the predictions from Revelations on Wars and Rumors for wars, and the push for a NWO between the factions that were more like the Essene and Socialist values and the opposite of those of oligarchic Kings and Corporate Empire. Now, the game in play seems to be Iran, Syria, Russia, and China allied against the US, Britain, Israel for one last great battle that advertises to be fought on the Plain at Armageddon, which is next door to Mt. Carmel and the Essene living areas. So, as this last great war might break out any time, what the future sees in terms of the inner truths of religion and the various values and teachings is more clear than ever.

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